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Wayne Bridges

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I am a US Navy veteran, pre-sales technical expert, education leader, and entrepreneur. I'm always looking for ways in which I can influence success for my customers and provide direct revenue impact and operational efficiencies for their businesses.I have spent my career in jobs that allowed me to provide technical leadership and direct enablement for customers, partners, and colleagues. I have a strong foundation in curriculum development and instructional design, combined with roles requiring deep expertise in specific technical domains. Together, this allows me to bring a learner’s mindset to the process of understanding systems and processes.

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Wayne Bridges

My Current Projects

Free Beer Studio

Free Beer Studio is a full-service AI automation agency that helps businesses achieve greater efficiency by integrating artificial intelligence and automation into everyday processes.

Focus as a Service

Focus as a Service provides in-person productivity and remote work convenience for remote employees, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Our science-backed system enables flexible and focused work from anywhere.

Wayne's Blog

This is a space to share my thoughts on some of my favorite topics - habit creation, parenting, and leadership. You might also find a book summary or two. Thanks for reading.

Wayne Bridges

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